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Psychiatry Clinic


Psychiatry Clinic


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Ankara City Hospital Psychiatry Clinic, began to serve in 2019 with Ankara Ataturk Training and Research Hopsital Psychiatry Clinic and Ankara Numune Training and Research Hospital Psychiatry Clinic moving to Ankara City Hospital with the coordination of Prof.Dr. Erol Göka. Our clinic's administrative education supervisor is Prof.Dr. Erol Göka and the education staff are Prof.Dr. Ali Çayköylü, Assoc. I. Tuncer Okay, Assoc. Görkem Karakaş Uğurlu, Assoc. Mustafa Uğurlu, Assoc. Murat İlhan Atagün, Assoc. Serdar Süleyman Can. In addition, eleven specialist doctors and assistant psychiatrists, rotational assistant doctors and clinical psychologists from different branches are employed in our clinic. The department has two units: inpatient service department and outpatient clinic unit.

Our inpatient service has a capacity of 45 beds and is on the second floor of the General Hospital. Our polyclinic units serves with 11 polyclinic rooms at General Hospital floor B2. In our inpatient service, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) can be performed under general anesthesia when necessary. Our Psychiatry Clinic is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of many clinical conditions and diseases like depression, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, specific phobias, social phobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, impulse control disorder, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, acute stress reaction, pathological mourning reaction, post-traumatic stress disorder.

Application Type

Our outpatient clinics accept patients with appointments through the Central Patient Appointment System (MHRS) and without appointments for individual applications. You can get help from the Alo 182 line for MHRS appointments. In case of non-appointment applications, patient admission will be according to the order of applying to our polyclinic secretariat.

Address and Extension Number:

General Hospital MH1 Floor B2 Psychiatry Polyclinic Extension No: 122101-112-118
General Hospital MH1 Floor A2 Pyschiatry Inpatient Extension No : 102150-160
General Hospital MH1 Floor B2 Pyschiatry Inpatient Extension No : 102299-240