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General Information About Our Department

The clinical specialties of our department  is to protect your kidney functions and follow-up. In addition, our team make
 evaluation, find solutions against some negative effects of systemic diseases (diabetes mellitus, hypertension, rheumatological diseases), some clinical conditions (fluid loss, heart failure, bacteremia-septicemia) and commonly used drugs (chemotherapy, antirheumatic drugs etc.)  on kidneys and offer treatment plans of renal replacement therapy (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, kidney transplantation)

The inpatient service wards are located on the fourth floor in The Oncology Building (MH6), consisting of 45 beds divided into two blocks as A and B. We have a polyclinic section, having the capacity of 11 
rooms for outpatients and it is located on the ground floor in the same building. The polyclinic area (the general nephrology) includes renal parenchyma diseases (glomerulonephritis), kidney transplantation, peritoneal dialysis, training of patients with low clearance and archive. In addition, Our Hemodialysis Unit is located on The Main Mass and available for inpatients and outpatients. There is also another unit called ''Home Hemodialysis Unit'' inside and we provide consultation service via the polyclinics in all the buildings of Ankara City Hospital.

In our department, we have 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 7 specialists and 2 fellows.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

The main titles of the diseases:

1. Hypertension

2. Fluid-electrolyte, acid-base imbalances (sodium, potassium, calcium etc.)

3. Acute Renal Failure

4. Follow-up before and after kidney transplantation

5. Chronic Renal Failure (Hemodialysis - Peritoneal Dialysis)

6. Renal Parenchyma Diseases (glomerulonephritis)

7. Urinary System Disorders (hematuria, protein in urine)

8. Renal vein diseases affecting kidney  (renal vein thrombosis, renal artery stenosis)

9. Congenital-Hereditary Kidney Diseases (polycystic renal disease, Alport Syndrome)

Special Services in Nephrology Clinic:

1. Ultrasonographic Evaluation

2. Ultrasound-guided Renal Biopsy

3. Twenty-four-hour Blood pressure monitoring

4. In-center Hemodialysis-catheterization

5. Peritoneal Dialysis training-catheterization

6. Kidney Transplantation Preparation and follow-up after

7. Home Hemodialysis

The sub-units of Our Department:

1. Nephrology polyclinic rooms (Oncology Hospital, ground floor)

2. Peritoneal Dialysis training rooms (Oncology Hospital, ground floor)

3. Hemodialysis Unit (Main Mass, ground floor)

4. Inpatient Service Wards (Oncology Hospital, 4th Floor, A and B Blocks)

Patients must be 18 years and above to visit our polyclinic. In case of emergency, our patients can visit our polyclinics without an appointment.