Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit has the capacity of 32 beds in total as two units, having 4 isolation rooms. In our unit, 1 lecturer, 3 NICU specialist physicians, 2 nurses in charge, 10 pediatry assistants, 2 nutrition nurses, 4 nursing staff, 2 secretaries and 4 janitors

work. Our unit which was approved by The Ministry of Health as Level 3 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is integrated with 112 Emergency Ambulance Services for treatment and admission of children in critical condition between 1-month-old and 18-years-old. We are

structured as a reference center to provide medical care and treatment in the most advanced level. Each patient has life support modules and monitors located on the head side to follow vital signs and ETCO2 monitorization. In our unit, advanced treatment options are

applied such as renal replacement, therapeutic plasmapheresis, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) In addition, ETCO2 and monitors with invasive pressure feature as well as pediatric transport ventilators are used for transfers within the hospital when

necessary. Ultrasonography and echocardiography devices in our unit offers opportunities for various basic clinical examinations and bedside assessments such as central catheterization procedure, detection of air leak, pulmonary edema, evaluation of trauma patient.

In our unit, patients with serious infection who need critical care, patients with cerebral palsy or other neurological problems, patients after surgical procedures such as brain surgery, orthopedics, ear nose throat etc., ventilator-dependent patients, patients with

congenital heart diseases or patients having a surgery due to congenital heart disease, drug intoxication, shock, post-trauma, respiratory failure, chronic pulmonary disease, kidney or liver failure, metabolic diseases, congenital myopathies, patients needing critical care

due to enzyme replacement therapy are cared in advanced level. We also provide service for international applicants within the scope of health tourism.