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Huntington Disease Polyclinic Güncelleme Tarihi: 02 Haziran 2020

Huntington Disease Polyclinic

Huntington Disease is an inherited disorder which nerve cells in brain progressively degenerates and it typically occurs between the ages of 30-50, affecting movements, behaviors and memory. Patients rather have involuntary movements. When a mother or a father carries abnormal gene, the possibility of the occurence of the disease is %50. It is predicted that there are much more people having Huntington Disease than expected in our country. In our polyclinic, the follow-up of patients and their companions are carried out, genetic tests are performed after genetic counseling while our psychiatrists handle patients in the light of multidisciplinary approach.

Our Polyclinic is located in Neurology Orthopedics Hospital E-2 block and it is available on Wednesdays.

You can make an appointment by dialing 0 312 552 60 00 – extension number: 300562