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Family Medicine Güncelleme Tarihi: 04 Haziran 2020

Family Medicine

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Family Medicine Department

Family Medicine is a medical speciality that continuously contributes to individual, family and community health with no discrimination
 in race, religion, language or gender, dealing with complaints and diseases in all stages of life such as childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and elderly. It provides a modern, qualified, evidence-based healthcare service by acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes in accordance with the principles of medical knowledge. We make early diagnosis, determine treatment including monitorization and rehabilitation of all health problems that may be experienced along with the maintenance and development of health.

General Information:

a. The family physician is the first contact point of the healthcare system for individuals. 

b. The family physician is easily accessible.

c. The family physician offers integrated and coordinated services. 

d. The family physician has an ongoing relationship with people who visit him/her. 

e. The family physician takes a holistic (biopsychosocial) approach for patient care. 

f. The service provided by the family physician is personal, but also family and community oriented. 

g. Confidentiality and rapport are essential in the relationship of the family physician with their patients. 

h. The family physician prioritizes benefits of his/her patients. 

i. The family physician is sensitive about the effective use of health resources.  

j. The family physician manages the clinical decision making and interview processes specific to family medicine in patient care. 

k. The family physician works with a team in line with the requirements of the service provided.  

Family medicine specialists receive training especially in the following specialties during their residency education: 

• Internal diseases 

• Children's Health and Diseases 

• Gynecology and Obstetrics 

• Mental Health and Diseases 

• Emergency Medicine 

• Pulmonary Diseases 

• Cardiology 

• Skin and Venereal Diseases 

• They are also experienced in one of the branches of Neurology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation or General Surgery selected by the program manager, considering the preference of the residency students. 

Diseases Diagnosed and Treated: 

Regardless of age, gender or any other characteristics, all applicants are diagnosed, treated and followed up at the highest level of care. Family medicine has an important role especially in the management of undifferentiated patients who visit the clinic with different complaints at the same time and cannot be transferred to a specific branch or in the management of screening, treatment and monitorization of chronic diseases. 

Featured Services of Family Medicine Department in Ankara City Hospital: 

- Smoking Cessation Unit

- Home Healthcare Unit

- Cancer Early Diagnosis, Screening and Education Center (KETEM) 

- Planned Services: Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practices (acupuncture, cupping etc.) 

- Family Counseling