Medical Oncology Information Updated: 09 December 2019

Medical Oncology Information


*Our clinic started to accept patients with the transfer of Medical Oncology Clinic of Ankara Atatürk Hospital on 11.02.2019.


*On this date, Medical Oncology started to provide clinical service with 7 beds in the 3rd floor A wing and polyclinic service in the B1 floor.


*On 18.02.2019, the outpatient chemotherapy unit began providing chemotherapy treatment to patients.


*An archive was created on the B1 floor in which 40,000 patient files were placed.


*Due to the narrow outpatient clinic area, our outpatient clinics were moved to B2 floor at the beginning of March.


*On 23.05.2019, Ankara Numune Hospital Medical Oncology Clinic was opened with 24 beds in the 3rd floor B wing.


*On the 3rd floor, there are 45 beds in 2 wings, 12 policlinic rooms (4 of them are training room), 1 training room, 1 intervention room, MHC has a 100-seat outpatient chemotherapy unit and 10 special single patient treatment rooms.


*We have 3 professors, 4 associate professors, 2 specialists, 7 minor assistants, 2 general practitioners and 41 nurses in our clinic.


- Statistics


Monthly number of patients in our clinic is shown below.


• Number of inpatients: 142

Number of outpatient clinics: 4,840

Number of chemotherapy: 1247 (total number of patients 1755)

- General Titles of Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases

Diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of all organ tumors and lymph node tumors except leukemia are performed in our clinic.

- Units connected to the Department:

• Total 65 beds in 3 wings on the 3rd floor in  MH6 Oncology Hospital,

12 policlinic rooms, 1 training room, 1 intervention room on the B2 floor of MH6 Oncology Hospital,

Outpatient Chemotherapy Unit in MHC

- Clinical Researchs

In addition to researching new treatment methods / products, clinical trials are also conducted in order to find out more effective use of a known treatment method / products or to learn more about these methods / products. In our Medical Oncology Clinic, many international clinical studies are carried out in order to provide new treatments to our patients and to increase the treatment alternatives of our patients. Clinical studies are conducted by our clinical research team with sufficient training and experience. Patients presenting to our Medical Oncology outpatient clinics are informed in detail if there is a new treatment alternative for their diseases.

- How do I get examined?

The patients who apply to our polyclinic for the first time are examined on the same day and an oncology file is opened. Follow-up examination and control patients can be examined by making an appointment with mhrs or applying to our policlinic directly.

- Address and Extension Number:

Ankara City Hospital University District Bilkent Street No:1 Çankaya/ANKARA

Telephone: (0312) 552 60 00