Internal Medicine


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Internal Medicine Department

Ankara City Hospital pursues its mission of providing training and service in a wide area, including its Internal Medicine Department, General Internal Medicine Unit, Outpatient Polyclinics, Emergency Internal Critical Care Units, and Internal Intensive Care Units. The Internal Medicine Department provides a modern physical environment and it is equipped with advanced medical systems. The team of specialists in the clinic evaluate patients in a holistic manner and successfully diagnose and treat diseases by utilizing comprehensive resources to follow innovations in medicine, participating in national and international scientific meetings, and researching the latest scientific resources and technologies. Patients with rare and complex internal diseases that necessitate multidisciplinary responses are diagnosed and treated by a meticulous and scientific holistic approach, in collaboration and consultation with other disciplines when necessary. Our patients are re-evaluated with frequent visits by our internal medicine specialists on a daily basis. Treatment and care processes are carried out by experienced nurses. In addition to the general service mission, our Internal Medicine Clinic has also an experienced team of academicians including 100 research associates with the following qualifications:

➢having a comprehensive training to deal with all physical and psychological problems of patients;
➢working by a complete, reliable, rational, and scientific approach for diagnosis;
➢are able to evaluate medicines and choose other medical treatments to prevent or treat diseases;
➢do not see patients as mere body systems, but rather adopting a holistic approach;
➢possessing superior clinical decision-making skills and are able to use healthcare resources in a cost-effective manner.

Many national and international multi-center studies and local clinical studies have been carried out in The Clinical Research Laboratory of Internal Medicine Department. All of the research associates actively participate in clinical studies. 

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