Gynecology A

General Information

Gynecology A clinic provides service with a staff including specialists and assistants who are educated, trained and experienced in their field in Ankara City Hospital Maternity Hospital Building. We host 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 1 specialist academic member and 5 specialists.

Our polyclinics are located on the ground floor, our service ward is located on the 9th floor, A wing, our operating theaters are located on the first floor in Main Mass in Maternity Hospital. In our polyclinics, 3 examination rooms, 1 Urogynecological Examination and Urodynamics Room, 1  Office hysteroscopy Room and 1 small (local biopsy) intervention room. Our inpatient service has 11 single and 5 double rooms for companions. We monitorize our patients 7/24 with our medical and supportive healthcare professionals and we provide superior service. Our operating theaters are designed world-class as it serves 7/24. 

Diagnose and Treatment:

In our clinic, all kinds of women internal-external genitalia diseases are treated by accurate, scientific, modern and comfortable methods. Our clinic works as a reference center for our national and international patients.

Diseases diagnosed and treated in our clinic are mainly: external genital organ and vaginal infections, vaginal discharge, anormal bleedings, cysts, warts, anatomical deformities, cervix bleedings, lesions, fallopian tube and ovarian mass (myoma, ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy), menstrual irregularities, pain, infections, bladder-uterus-rectal prolapse and urinary incontinence problems.

Featured Procedures:

In our department, some advanced methods which are not available in every center are applied such as HPV screening, 3 and 4 dimensional ultrasonography, office hysteroscopy other than conventional gynecological diagnosis and treatment methods such as two dimensional ultrasonography and smear testing. If required, biopsy is performed from suspicious lesions detected during examination in the polyclinics. Urodynamic testing is performed for patients with urinary incontinence by people who are educated and trained in their field. 

Featured Surgeries Performed:

A) Open Laparoscopic Surgeries: Hysterectomy (removal of uterus), Myomectomy (removal of myoma),  salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of tubes and ovaries)

B) Urogynecological Surgeries: urinary incontinence surgeries, TOT, TVT, Burch, Paravaginal Repairs, organ prolapse surgeries, uterine prolapse surgery, vaginal hysterectomy, cystocele (urinary bladder prolapse) surgery, rectocele, enterocele (bowel prolapse) surgeries.

C) Closed Laparoscopic Surgeries: Laparoscopic hysterectomy (closed, removal of uterus), laparoscopic myomectomy (closed, removal of myoma), laparoscopic salpinx and over surgeries (tube and ovary), laparoscopic salpingectomy (closed, removal of tube), laparoscopic oophorectomy (closed, removal of ovary), laparoscopic over cyst excision (closed, removal of ovarian cyst), laparoscopic sterilization (closed, fallopian tubes are blocked)

D) Hysteroscopic surgeries (surgeries performed by inserting a tube lighted with special cameras): hysteroscopic polip removal, hysteroscopic myoma removal, hysteroscopic synechia (dividing adhesions)

E) Labioplasty surgeries: surgeries to modify vagina, surgeries of Bartholin's glands (removal of Bartholin cysts, drainage of Bartholin abscess)

All of our patients are informed about conservative and medical/surgical treatments and the best treatment option is managed by our expert staff.