Pediatric Cardiology

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Pediatric Cardiology General Information

Ankara City Hospital, Department of Pediatric Cardiology provides service in Children's Hospital

- 1 Professor, 4 Associate Professors and 4 Specialist physicians work in our Pediatric Cardiology Department.

- Congenital and acquired heart diseases and rhythm disorders seen in pediatric patients can be successfully examined and treated in every age group starting from birth.

- In our department, besides transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography and fetal echocardiographic imaging; we perform effort stress test, we have rhythm and blood pressure holter units, also angiography and electrophysiology laboratories.

In our department, many interventional procedures can be performed by applying angiography method without a need for surgery.

For example;

- Covering the holes in the heart by the device 

- Balloon and/or stent placement in children with vascular or valve stenosis 

In addition to these treatments, Electrophysiological study, Catheter ablation (radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation), Pacemaker and ICD implantation are successfully performed in children with rhythm disorders.

Diagnosis of congenital heart diseases is made by our experienced specialists with fetal echocardiography during pregnancy, and immediately after birth, the child receives the best treatment based on a multidisciplinary study of cardiology, neonatalogy and cardiovascular surgery.

Ankara City Hospital is also a heart transplantation center for children. Follow-up and treatment of these children before and after transplantation are carried out in our department.
Our clinic aims to provide the best service to the patients who live in Turkey and also to international patients from abroad by our experienced physicians and other healthcare professionals
 in the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of heart diseases.

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