Medical Microbiology Laboratory

Our Medical Microbiology Laboratory consists of bacteriology, direct microscopy (direct microscopy, staining preparation, mycology and parasitology), ELISA, serology, IFA, molecular microbiology, Tuberculosis sections and Emergency Laboratories and it includes a testing portfolio which is open to all the requests of our hospital. All the tests are performed by internationally recognized methods and the most advanced devices and it is inspected by internal and external quality control programs. All the required tests are performed in our Emergency Laboratory within the scope of emergency and polyclinic via internationally recognized methods and devices, also test requests can be made for outpatients, inpatients and intensive care patients from our emergency lab in case of emergency. Our vision is to be an equipped laboratory on the level of providing service for other health facilities, reaching internationally recognized qualities in the field by qualified staff, infrastructure, a wide spectrum of test and advanced laboratory opportunities. Our mission after analysis is not limited to reporting of results only. Request indications of laboratory tests, submission of critical values, evaluation of results, additional test advices to the clinician when required, consultation rational test ordering in regard to consultation, working with Infection Control Committee about hospital-acquired infections and infection surveillance are among our missions and responsibilities.