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10 February 2020 12: 00-13: 00 Ankara City Hospital creates added value to health sciences in the world and in our country with thousands of scientists and millions of patient data. Health services and scientific research of the 21st century have been successful in ‘’networks of cooperation’’. Our hospital staff will participate in Multidisciplinary, continuous measurement and evaluation, self-improving World Health Organization cooperation networks (Collaborating Center) and European Reference Network, Centers of Excellence. For this purpose, training of ‘’scientific collaboration’’ will be started in order to follow the opportunities existing in our hospital, evaluate them together and mobilize using international resources. Doctors, pharmacists, dentists, nurses, technicians, bureaucrats and / or NGOs of all healthcare workers who intend to conduct scientific activities; these scholarships and grants are available. This year, the EU support spectrum is expanding. Demanders and groups should work very well on the issues we convey to them and ask the right questions. Knowing English is a legal international rule to participate in these studies. Related internet links are presented below. TÜBİTAK experts will come to our Administrative Building meeting hall on Monday, February 17, at 15: 00-17: 00, to make preliminary introductions to EU Health Research studies and Tuesday, February 18, COST program. The door of science is open to everyone.

WHO All requirements for becoming a WHO Collaboration Center are available at this link. After reading these topics, Dr. Ayşe Turan is authorized to explain the incomprehensible issues. In this portal, you can find partners operating in the field you are working in.


These group calls will be announced between February 17, 2020, 15: 00-17: 00.

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