Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I make an appointment?

You can dial 182 by house phone, public phone or cell phone. You provide information about your id number when asked by the customer representative. You inform him/her about your hospital, polyclinic and doctor preferences if you have any. The representative informs you back about the available date and time zone. Then, you decide on to schedule your appointment.  

Appointment via internet

You can visit www.hastanerandevu.gov.tr or www.mhrs.gov.tr (Centralized Hospital Appointment System) New users are asked to sign up first. You can follow the steps to continue. You click ''Randevu Al'' (''Make an Appointment) button, enter your id number and password. Then you can choose the hospital, polyclinic and doctor to schedule your appointment by your request.

Appointment via mobile phone

Smart devices operating Android, IOS, BlackBerry or Windows Operating systems (phone, tablet) have MHRS Mobil (Centralized Hospital Appointment System Mobile Version) You can download the app from the application stores (App Store, Play Store) for free.

Important Notice: only foreign patients obtaining residence permit and having provisional ID numbers can make an appointment.

2. Is there any guesthouse for patient companions to stay?

There is no guesthouse for other family members apart from a companion staying with the patient in Ankara City Hospital

3. Does your Hospital provide service for Dental Check-up and Treatment?

Our dental polyclinics in the hospital provide service for admitted patients only.

4. Is Sleep MRI available in your hospital?

It is available as it is requested and approved by your doctor after examination in our hospital. It is performed under anesthesia after evaluation.