Sexual Health Polyclinic

Sexual health is not only a matter of not having a sexual problem, but
also the total harmony of an individual with sexual life
physiologically, psychologically and socially.

It is estimated that the rate of the couples with sexual problems in our
country is almost 40 percent. Besides, conversations about such private
subjects are not possible even throughout patient-physician relationship
most of the time.

Sexual Health Polyclinic was established in our hospital in order to
approach sexual health which is one of the important elements of a good
marriage under the umbrealla of reproduction health professionally.


Painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia)

Stimulation and orgasm dysfunctions


Painful Sexual Intercourse: Pain is a sensation that shouldn't be had during sexual intercourse. Painful sexual intercourse (Dyspareunia) can occur due to various anatomical, infectious, pathological and psychological reasons. It is important to take a multidisciplinary approach towards such cases and evaluate the spouses together.

Low Sex Drive: Low sex drive may become a problem of a lifetime due to
hormonal and psychological changes in women including all the periods of
In this case, a full physical investigation is a must and it is very
probable to detect a change causing low sex drive in the tests
performed. Loss of sex drive in most of the cases is no more a problem
by a reason-based approach as well as evaluation with the spouse and
home tasks given.

Partnership with a spouse having sexual dysfunction: Despite sexual
dysfunction seen in women doesn't create a serious trouble apparently
most of the time, sexual dysfunction seen in men may become tough
socially. Generally, females accompany their spouses for sexual
dysfunction, but sometimes males with sexual dysfunction may seek help
alone. In this case, gynecology, urology, psychology and physiotherapist
should work together. Such cases are consulted in coordination with
Urology in our center.

Stimulation and Orgasm Dysfunction: Female orgasm starting to be spoken
by the second half of 20th century is a quite private subject and a
taboo which women in our country avoid to speak of. Women who cannot
experience sexual ejaculation (orgasm) may feel pain due to vaginal
dryness during sexual intercourse. Hence, she becomes unwilling to
(being unable to) have sexual intercourse. It is possible to break the
present vicious cycle by evaluation together with the spouse, effort and

Couples with sexual dysfunctions and lack of sexual drive are evaluated.

Multidisciplinary approach including gynecology, urology, physiotherapy
and psychology clinics are offered for the cases by protecting personal

Sexual Health Polyclinic is located on the Ground floor, B section. You
can make appointment via Centralized Hospital Appointment System (MHRS) or apply to our polyclinic directly during working hours