The "Best Oral Presentation Award"

The "Best Oral Presentation Award" was given to our Ankara City Hospital at the 28th World Congress of Lymphology


  At the International Society of Lymphedema (ISL) 28th World Lymphology Congress, our esteemed doctors Prof. Dr. Pınar Borman, Prof. Dr. Sibel Ünsal Delialioğlu, Specialist Elif Esen Özdemir and Cansu Bıçakçı, who worked in the Lymphedema Unit of Ankara City Hospital - FTR Hospital, represented our country and our hospital in the best possible way.

1 panel presentation, 2 session chairmanships and 2 oral presentations by Prof. Dr. Pınar Borman, 1 oral presentation by Prof. Dr. Sibel Ünsal Delialioğlu, 2 oral presentations by Specialist Elif Esen Özdemir and 1 oral presentation by Fzt. Cansu Pirinççi were held at the congress. Pınar Borman's oral presentation titled 'The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic Lock-Down on Patients with Lymphedema' received “The Best Oral Presentation Award”.

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