Radiation Oncology


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Radiation Oncology is a department in the treatment of cancer and in some cases non-cancer diseases by using ionizing radiation, examination of the effects of radiation, the behavior of tumors. also our department conducts education and research programmes on these subjects. Radiation Oncology Department is one of the three important treatment methods used together with surgical and systemic treatments in multidisciplinary treatment of cancer. Radiotherapy can generally be used with chemotherapy and immunotherapy as it can be used standalone.

Other than all the other external treatments, we can give focal therapies called SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy) and SRS (Stereotactic Radiosurgery) in the devices.

Treatment of Radiation Oncology is two types:

1- Curative Radiotherapy; Radiotherapy is performed to cure oncology patients. There are various treatment applications.

A- Neoadjuvant Radiotherapy (Before Surgery)
B- Postoperative Adjuvant Radiotherapy (After Surgery)
C- Primary Radiotherapy (Non-operative)
D- Simultaneous Radiotherapy with Chemotherapy
E- Simultaneous Radiotherapy with Immunotherapy

2- Palliative Radiotherapy; Reducing some symptoms, signs, complaints of patients and it can be used to downsize the tumor in cases where it is not possible to completely cure the disease. Radiotherapy is used in the cases with pain, bleeding etc. It can be used for palliative purposes in the treatment of symptoms.

In our department, external treatment and brachytherapy (from tumor or related organs) are available. There are three new technology Varian linear accelerators and 1 Radixact device for external treatments.

KVCT with our advanced 3D-CRT (Three Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy), IMRT (Intensity Adjusted Radiotherapy) and IGRT (Imaging Guided Radiotherapy), volumetric density adjustable arc therapy (RapidArc)
We are able to treat organ and tumor movements with high sensitivity by CBCT and MVCT imaging.
In addition to all external therapies, focal treatments called SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy) and SRS (Stereotactic Radiosurgery) can be performed.
In our clinic, there are two CT simulators, one of which is 4D-CT. Tumor and organ movements can be determined accurately by tomographic images taken in consideration of the respiratory movements of the patients, thus it is possible to determine and plan the treatment area more accurately with the simulator.
Radiation Oncology Department Doctor Lists; We have 14 doctors.

Our Administrative and Education Chief is Prof. Dr. Yılmaz TEZCAN

Medical Physics Specialists: 8 specialists
Radiotherapy Technicians; 8 technicians
Polyclinic Nurses; 3 nurses
Service Nurses; 10 nurses

Available Radiotherapy Devices;

1 Accuray Radixact TomoTherapy
1 Varian TrueBeam Edge-HD MLC linear accelerator
1 Varian TrueBeam STx-HD MLC linear accelerator
1 Varian TrueBeam Millennium Linear Accelerator
1 Varian Gammamed Plus BrachyVision HDR Brachytherapy system
1 GE Discovery 4D CT-simulator
1 GE Discovery CT simulator
Eclipse treatment planning system, 4 station planning, 4 station contouring
Accuray Precision planning system, 2 stations


Our polyclinics provide service as the following sub-branches;

1. Polyclinic Childhood Tumors- lymphomas
2. Polyclinic gynecological tumors
3. Polyclinic breast tumors
4. Polyclinic Thorax, Skin tumors
5. Polyclinic head-neck tumors
6. Polyclinic soft tissue tumors
7. Polyclinic Gastrointestinal tumors, genitourinary system tumors

Our clinic is one of the rare centers where our children can be treated under general anesthesia with the contributions of Anesthesia and Reanimation Department, in TURKIYE.
Especially TomoTherapy Radixact and TrueBeam Edge-HD MLC linear accelerator devices in Radiation Oncology Clinic are only available in Ankara City Hospital including all Public Universities and Public Hospitals in TURKIYE.
We also have the capacity of 21 beds for inpatients in our Department on the 5th floor of The Oncology Hospital/Building (MH6).
We aim to give our patients the best and most comfortable treatment by keeping their quality of life at highest.

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