Robotic Surgery

Ankara City Hospital has one of the greatest robotic surgery clinics in Turkey. We perform more than 350 robot-assisted surgeries in our Urology Department per year. We use this technology mostly in prostate cancer treatment, bladder cancer treatment and renal cancer treatment.

Other than some types of cancer, we also use the robotic surgery in treatment of ureteropelvic junction stenosis, vesicoureteral reflux disease and pelvic organ prolapse.

What is Robotic Surgery?

Your doctor who is also a professional surgeon conducts and performs your surgery via a robotic system called Da-Vinci* by using some tools such as ports, joints or cameras with the help of a console also known as surgical console.

The robotic system mimics your surgeon's hand motions instantaneously while the surgeon rotates or manipulates the arms of the robot to complete the surgical procedure.

Performing a surgery with Da-Vinci means using the most advanced robot-assisted surgical method in the world. The Da-Vinci system consists of four arms including three separate robotic arms and a fourth arm with a camera for high definition 3-D images by magnification.

Your surgeon manipulates these instruments and adjusts the camera for better focus and vision of the surgical site from the console located in the operating theater. He can control all the arms of the robot simultaneously while looking through the high definition viewer.

Advantages of Robotic Surgery

The most important advantages of the robot assisted surgery over traditional surgery are less bleeding and better cosmetic appearance. Especially robot-assisted radical prostatectomy for selected patients has better performance for urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunctions.