Thoracic Surgery


The Department of Thoracic Surgery

The Department of Thoracic Surgery handles the organs of chest cavity including lungs, trachea, chest wall, esophagus, diaphragma and thymus. Mediastinal pathologies are (the space between two lungs) also in the field of thoracic surgery discipline. Surgeons in Ankara City Hospital work together with colleagues in Gastroenterology, Oncology, Pulmonology, Radiation Oncology, Intensive Care, Supportive care and nutrition.

Surgical procedures performed in The Department of Thoracic Surgery are:

1) Lung cancers

2) Lung transplantation

3) Chest wall tumors

4) Bening and malignant tracheal pathologies

5) Bening and malignant diaphragmatic pathologies

6) Bening and malignant esophageal pathologies

7) Bening and malignant thymic pathologies

8) Bening and surgical lung pathologies

Our Team of Lung Transplantation Center

Prof. Dr. Erdal Yekeler, Lung Transplant Center Specialist, Thoracic Surgery Specialist
Assoc. Prof. Dr. M.Furkan Şahin, Lung Transplantation Center Assistant Specialist, Thoracic Surgery Specialist
Academic Physician Sinan Türkkan, Thoracic Surgery Specialist
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alkın Yazıcıoğlu, Thoracic Surgery Specialist
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammed Ali Beyoğlu, Thoracic Surgery Specialist
Op. Dr. Ahmet Güngör, Thoracic Surgery Specialist
Op. Dr. Emre Yılmaz, Thoracic Surgery Specialist
Specialist Dr. Fatmanur Çelik Başaran, Thoracic Surgery Specialist
Hemş. Aslı Karagül, Organ Transplant Coordinator
Hemş. Tülay Akın, Transplant Intensive Care Nurse
Hemş. Celile Önsan, Transport Service Nurse
Hemş. Canan Kayar, Interventional Pulmonology and Bronchoscopy
Psychologist Kübra Karaarslan
Social Worker Işın Yılmaz