This system is like surgeons’ hand: Robotic Surgery

Pointing out that the patients are operated more comfortably with robotic surgery and the discharge times are accelerated accordingly, the Organ Transplantation Responsible Director of our Ankara City Hospital Prof. Dr. Erdal Birol Bostancı said “Robotic surgery has many benefits. If we were to ask what these are, even if the surgeon's hand trembles, the robot ensures that it remains stable. We also see that the mobility of the doctor's wrist is limited, but the mobility of the robot is 540 degrees. In this way, the robot's ability to suture and perform surgery is quite high. Another advantage is the imaging system. There is also imaging in endoscopy, but in it you see the image as a 2D picture. However, since it is possible to see the image in 3D in robotic systems, you can also perceive the sense of depth and have a better command of the process.”


Noting that the robotic surgery system is used in many areas, Prof. Dr. Bostanci also stated:


“In some surgeries, the robotic system may be more beneficial. In our Ankara City Hospital, the Urology clinic can both see the case better and suture more easily by using these robotic systems in surgeries performed in very difficult and narrow spaces such as prostate cancers. in addition, it is used in the field of gastroenterology surgery. We started to perform operations such as esophageal cancers, stomach cancers, colon and rectum cancers, liver cancers and pancreatic surgery robotically in our hospital. Otolaryngology and Obstetrics Clinic also uses robotic surgery.”

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