2nd years

2nd Anniversary of our Ankara City Hospital and Medicine Day Celebrated with Pandemic Measures

In order to live the spiritual happiness of the Medicine Day with corporate family unity, to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our Ankara City Hospital and to remember our lost healthcare professionals, a Medicine Day Celebration Program was held in our hospital within the scope of pandemic rules.

The program, which was held in the conference hall, which was prepared in accordance with the rules of social distance, started with a moment of silence in memory of our precious healthcare workers who lost before and during the pandemic, and then the Turkish National Anthem. Our coordinator Chief Physician Op. Dr. Aziz Ahmet Surel expressed his feelings in his speech at the program and said, “First of all, I memorialize with compassion and respect our healthcare professionals who lost their lives during the pandemic process. Due to the pandemic, we could not celebrate the Medicine Day last year, but our hospital has achieved many national and international successes in addition to providing healthcare services for two years. In the light of these achievements, we are proud to offer our patients the best healthcare services despite all kinds of difficult conditions and intensity, and we thought that sharing this with our friends, albeit with a limited number of them, will increase our motivation. For this reason, we came together by following the pandemic rules on the occasion of the medicine day. Each of our employees has contributed to us being remembered with success in the two years since our opening. I think we have created a strong corporate family structure and I would like to thank each of my colleagues one by one. " 

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