Fighting Co-vid-19: Diagnosis and Treatment procedures in Ankara City Hospital


Fighting Co-vid-19: Diagnosis and Treatment procedures in Ankara City Hospital

All the patients who visit our Emergency Service are scanned by termal cameras in the triage area and we isolate people who are suspected of co-vid-19 from other people and guide them through different areas.  

After we examine our patients, we perform some tests such as pulmonary CT Scan while we take samples for PCR test in the biological sample booths. We provide yellow wristbands as indicators of infection for patients who need follow-up after being suspected of co-vid-19 and patients who are hospitalized in our hospital.

''We have the capacity to increase ICU beds up to 2 thousand."

The coordinator chief physician of Ankara City Hospital Op. Dr. Aziz Ahmet Surel said that the areas where they isolated co-vid-19 positive patients completely had negative pressure system inside the hospital. He said that particles spreaded to the air by each patient breathing out were absorbed by negative pressure absorbing joints and they pumped one hundred percent clean air very powerfully into the center areas where their staff works intensely. 

"Thus, we protect our medical staff working in the field and we prevent the infection to spread from one to another" Op. Dr. Aziz Ahmet Surel said. "This is functional in all of our ICUs where we hospitalize patients infected with co-vid as standard feature. 

Op. Dr. Aziz Ahmet Surel reported that 526 ICU beds out of 723 were reserved for adult patients in our hospital as 144 beds in Orthopedics Hospital, 80 beds in The General Hospital, 224 in total. He said that they had the capacity to increase the number any time they needed. He addressed: "That is to say that we have 700 standard ICU beds, but we have the capacity to increase the number up to two thousand when we need ICU service in case of emergency. 

Our chief physician Op. Dr. Aziz Ahmet Surel expressed that they were a family of 16 thousand people and they produced healthcare for the public. He told. "in accordance with the directions of The Ministry of Health, by the end of January, we have started to organize and transformed the standard intensive care unit areas into completely negative pressure ones specific to co-vid-19 disease.

Our chief physician Op. Dr. Aziz Ahmet Surel expresses the significancy of treatment of those patients under the best conditions and the providing safest environment to work for the medical staff carrying out the treatment and based on the criteria by The Ministry of Health as well as World Health Organization, we provide every kind of protective equipment to our working staff considering their working area. "Similarly, the elevator which we'll transport the patient diagnosed with co-vid-19, emergency observation areas where we'll lead this patient, even The X-Ray Equipment that we will perform CT Scan are different. We have marked all of those as the international color; yellow."

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