Bionic Ears

A cochlear implant (bionic ear) surgery of both ears was performed simultaneously in Ankara City Hospital


A four years old patient suffering from severe hearing loss contacted Ear Nose & Throat Clinic of Ankara City Hospital and Associate Prof. Rauf Oğuzhan Kum performed the surgery under the leadership of the academic staff members Prof. Dr. Adil Eryılmaz, Prof Dr. Hüseyin Dere and Prof. Dr. Müge Özcan in Ankara City Hospital. During the surgery which was carried out successfully, Bilateral Cochlear Implant (bionic ear, in both ears, simultaneously) was performed on the patient.


The administrative head of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) Clinic Prof. Dr. Adil Eryılmaz stated that cochlear implant surgery was the most important treatment technique contributing to adaptation of hearing-impaired children and adults who have profound hearing loss and don't benefit from hearing aids in community life. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Adil Eryılmaz expressed that he was happy and proud of the clinic physicians who performed simultaneous bilateral cochlear implantation, which is available in few centers in our country with regard to their experience in cochlear implant in Ankara City Hospital.

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