International Success of Our Ankara City Hospital

Ankara City Hospital has scored yet another first in Turkey. Ankara City Hospital Cardiovascular Hospital Cardiology Clinic received the title of “International Arrhythmia Center of Excellence” from an International Institute.



Cardiology Clinic of our Ankara City Hospital Cardiovascular Hospital has been certified as “International Arrhythmia Training Center and Arrhythmia Center of Excellence” by Johnson and Johnson, the world's leading International Institute in Arrhythmia. Prof. Dr. Dursun Aras, Prof. Dr. Serkan Topaloğlu, Prof. Dr. Serkan Çay, Assoc. Prof. Fırat Özcan, Assoc. Prof. Özcan Özeke and Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Korkmaz received the certificate in the field of diagnosis and treatment of heart and rhythm disorders. Our hospital team, who train many experts at home and abroad and work in cooperation with important international arrhythmia centers, will continue to work as Arrhythmia Training Center for doctors who want to study in this field from all over the world.