ozcan erel

Prof. Dr. Özcan Erel, The Clinic Chief of Biochemistry Central Laboratory of Ankara City Hospital and Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University The Faculty of Medicine Biochemistry Department Academic Member said that science was a comprehensive field, renewing itself everyday and needing new studies in his statement.


The international study to which the top-ranked (at the highest 1.5 percentile) scientists are listed, almost 7 million authors are evaluated and more than 5 articles are owned among all the published articles in all the scientific fields in the last 60 years was published in ''PLOS Biology'' journal. Stanford University coordinated the study. 

Erel: ''The studies and activities of the most influential 100.000 scientists of the world in all the fields are evaluated by this study. 3 different parameters have been considered so far, but henceforward new criteria has been set. Criteria such as publication parameters and reference parameters by scientists have been available. 35 distinctive criteria such as single name publication parameters, single name reference parameters have been determined.''


Prof. Dr. Erel stated that a great number of Turkish scientists are participated in this study in this year, ''196 scientists from Turkey in all the fields were included in the list of ''The most influential scientists in the world.'' 30 percent of that consisted of scientists doing research in the field of medicine. ''My name was top-ranked in the field of medicine.'' he said. 

The most significant factor of this success gained is working dauntlessly as he continued:

''My articles have been published in 436 different international fields until now as full-text. There are more than 16 thousand references to those. Furthermore, 10 percent of those studies have been converted into concrete products. The studies were published in the best journals as being referred multiple times while some of those were converted into products. The products have been utilised by researchers, applied to industry, industrial production has been carried out, produced domestically and nationally. The products have been being exported to 25 countries. 

One of the products is a test kit measuring chemical stress in the body, called ''oxidative stress'' as the first and the only one in the world. Such a kit was a first in the world. We invented it, improved it by domestic and national sources, published and converted it into a product.

Prof. Dr. Erel stated that besides they were inventing a different kit measuring miscellaneous chemicals in the body, being issued in international publications and produced industrially.

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