“Gratitude” Exhibition from Artists to Healthcare Professionals

“Gratitude” Exhibition from Artists to Healthcare Professionals

Painters living in different provinces across Turkey, donated their paintings to our hospital to express their gratitude for the health-workers struggling during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Gazi University Faculty Member Dr. Nuran SAY 's brought together by coordinating 152 painters living in different proviences in Turkey; Within the scope of the project initiated to express the feelings of gratitude to healthcare professionals who work intensely and devotedly in the fight against the pandemic, a total of 189 artworks were put on display with the exhibition "Gratitude From Our Artists to Our Healthcare Professionals". Later, these 189 works were donated to our Ankara City Hospital to be protected and displayed.

“We gladly saw that our efforts were not wasted and what a response they found.”

Before the opening of the exhibition, our Ankara City Hospital Coordinator Chief Physician Op. Dr. Aziz Ahmet SUREL said, “This is something we haven't seen before. But my brother is also a painter. He is also a graduate of 9 Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. Therefore, we have a family member in the family who I can understand your mood closely. That's why I know your subtle soul. Currently, all our chief physicians, assistant chief physicians, directors and assistant directors are here representing our 15 thousand employees. In fact, we would like to express our gratitude to you for leaving such a permanent work and showing such a symbol of courtesy. We are doing our duty. We have healed tens of thousands of patients in Ankara City Hospital so far. Before the pandemic, our daily number of outpatient clinics was around 20 thousand and we are currently serving with our family members of approximately 15 thousand people in the world's largest health campus. When this kindly feedback came from you, we were happy to see that our efforts were not wasted and how they found a response. Your 'Gratitude' exhibition has been registered as a fixture of our hospital ”.

Our Coordinator Chief Physician Op. Dr. Aziz Ahmet SUREL, Our Crisis Coordination Officer Prof. Dr. Ali COŞKUN, FTR Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Evren YAŞAR, Our Assistant Chief of Neurology-Orthopedics Assoc. Dr. Gürdal ORHAN, Coordinator Deputy Chief Physician Dr. Taner GÖKÇINAR, our Administrative Financial Services Manager Uğur CURA, our Health Care Services Manager Garibe ADIGÜZEL attended to the openning of the exibition.

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