Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital of our Ankara City Hospital hosted our Amputee National Team, which was the European Champion and the 2nd in the World Championship, before the Antalya camp. As part of the preparations for the European Amputee Football Championship; Our footballers, who will enter the camp in Antalya between 01-11 November, were subjected to agility tests at the Athlete Health and Rehabilitation Center of our hospital and had the opportunity to see the latest status of their body analyzes. Our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Evren Yaşar and our hospital managers accompanied our athletes during the tests. In our Ankara City Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital, our champion Amputee National Team's Head Coach Osman Çakmak and our athletes passed the tests. It was once again conveyed that all kinds of support will be given to our National team during the performance follow-up and when necessary, which will enter  the camp before the European Amputee Football Championship. On behalf of Ankara City Hospital family, we wish success to our national team, which is our pride.

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