"We performed kidney transplants from 6 cadavers in our Ankara City Hospital during the pandemic period, and these people are now rescued from dialysis," said Our Kidney Transplant Specialist Dr. Erkan Ölçücüoğlu.

The operations that were not urgent have been stopped between March and July due to the pandemia. Since July, all surgeries have been allowed. Organ transplant operations were also performed in our hospital during the pandemic process. During this period, kidney transplantation was performed in 6 patients. A kidney transplant was successfully performed to Gürsel D., who has been waiting for a kidney transplant for 10 years. Gürsel D. (51), who regained his health, explained that he had been operated despite the pandemia and that he was very happy, "I have been on dialysis for 10 years. Now I have been recovered from dialysis with this surgery. Our doctor, Erkan Ölçücüoğlu  said to me, 'We will restore your health', even though we are in the pandemic period. I would like to thank his team. During the pandemic period, they operated me under severe conditions. Actually I was a person who is very afraid to be outside due to the pandemic. I did not go out of the house by myself. But it was very important for me that my doctor to give me courage and confidence."




Our Hospital's Kidney Transplant Specialist Dr. Erkan Ölçücüoğlu, who performed the surgery, stating that the operation took nearly 9 hours with the preparation phase said:

“The pandemic period continues. But normal life continues and we have patients waiting for healthcare, kidney transplantation. Stopping surgeries due to the pandemic was a difficult period for them as well. Our ministry did not allow surgery from the beginning of May until July, except for very urgent patients. Now we can perform all the surgeries again. Our patient was a patient on dialysis in our hospital. We performed 6 kidney transplants from cadavers in Ankara City Hospital during the pandemic period, and these people are now recovered from dialysis. In this period of war against Covid-19, if you move forward with scientific data and rules, science will lead you to success. Pandemia is a risk for us. We also share this with patients; but we have not had a problem so far.”

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