What the health workers do is to hold the fire with bare hands while everyone is looking from afar. Every day, every moment, without saying "What if" ... Because the fire will not go out if the health workers don’t hold it. Here is a day of the fight against that fire, coronavirus in Ankara City Hospital.


A day of doctors

“Mom, be home before the sun goes down…” Mother of 2 children Assoc. Dr. Gülhan Kurtoğlu has the same goodbye routin with her son every day. However, she may return home too late to restore people's health. Today is one of those days.

It’s time for the watch in the Emergecy Room of the hospital for Assoc. Dr. Gülhan Kurtoğlu. Assoc. Dr. Gülhan Kurtoğlu is in the team fighting COVID at Ankara City Hospital. She and her teammates evaluate the next step on the pandemic committee every day so that patients are discharged as soon as possible. In the hospital, all services work in coordination with each other.


Gülhan Kurtoğlu controls the patients routinely, takes the highest level of precautions while contacting the patients and always keeps her energy high in order to be morale for them.

The disease transmitted by the crowd leads to alonely death. What Assoc. Dr. Gülhan Kurtoğlu told, explains this sentence as follows:

“We need to be carefull not only to ourselves, but also to our family. Domestic contamination is very high. His mother, father, brother and child are all positive. Some of them need hospitalization. One is in the emergency room and one is in the service. When everyone is positive, they don't have a relative to meet the needs of the patients. Some are positive, some are in the process of isolation, some are afraid. Funerals cannot be made for those who have passed away. It’s a lonely death.


She turns from her doctor identity to her mother identity

Assoc. Dr. Gülhan Kurtoğlu's dialogue with patients and her character with full of life are great importance in the healing process of the cases. Like other doctors, dozens of patients are given hope every day. At the end of the day, she takes out her doctor identity and returns to her mother identity.

Kurtoğlu has to go home with the least risk at the end of every day she comes face to face with the virüs:

“When my children see me at the door, they want to hug me immediately. I keep them waiting for a while. I'm telling them to wait for me, saying 'I'm coming soon, I'm going to kiss you a lot.’ I need to disinfect myself in the best way possible and change my clothes. I can hug them like I want after I’m thoroughly cleaned.”