Our Amputee National Football Team visited our healthcare workers, to whom they promised a cup

The players of our Amputee National Football Team, which became the European Champion for the second time in a row, paid a thank you visit to our healthcare workers with their cups at our Ankara City Hospital, where the treatment and follow-up processes were carried out.

Osman Çakmak, the coach of our Amputee National Football Team, which won the championship for the second time in a row by beating Spain 6-0 in the final of the European Championship, and the players came together with the healthcare professionals at our Ankara City Hospital Physical Therapy Hospital with their championship cup.

Our Amputee National Football Team enthusiastically welcomed by our hospital Coordinator Head Physician Aziz Ahmet Surel, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Head Physician Prof. Dr. Evren Yaşar, doctors, hospital staff and patients receiving treatment. They chatted with pediatric patients and had their photos taken with their loved ones.

Coach Osman Çakmak made a speech at the ceremony held in the conference hall after the welcome in front of the hospital and said, "We owe a lot to our healthcare workers and our state. We are all strong together."

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