On the first day of the congress, with the participation of experienced specialists in their fields, interventional procedures were successfully applied to living cases in the endoscopy unit of our hospital.

Cholanygoscopy, which is a very valuable method in the distinction of malign or benign that we frequently come across in bile duck stenosis, endoscopic removal of early stage malignant lesions from the gastrointestinal system with ESD and EMR techniques, endoscopic gastro-jejunostomy for malignant stenosis accompanied by endosonography, POEM for the treatment of achalasia, procedures for hard cases in ERCP have been successfully performed. There were numerous participants from each region of Turkey, and thanks to the presentations of the specialist Academists', many of the topics that have been considered problematic in gastroenterology were discussed interactively. For the first time in our hospital, procedures of living cases have been successfully performed with the support of our whole staff.


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