Ankara City Hospital Quality Assessment in Health is successfully completed.

The opening meeting of the assessment programme for five days by The Turkish Republic Ministry of Health Directorate general of Health Services Directorate of Healthcare Services Office of Quality and Accreditation in Health within the scope of Health Quality Standards in all the hospitals providing service within Ankara City Hospital was started by the speeches of The Academic Member and Coordinator Chief Physician Dr. Aziz Ahmet Surel and The Chair Person of the Assessment Team Prof. Dr. İsmail Yılmaz in the name of The Ministry and opening presentation by Dr. Necati Bulut.


We thank The Assessment Team for their precious contributions to our institution, constructive and instructive approaches during their five-day assessment process in Ankara City Hospital.


We are going to continue to work in an endeavour to maintain our hospital to be at the highest level of the standards with the awareness of being the largest health complex of our country and Europe. We share the pride and honor of achieving higher level goals with the family of Ankara City Hospital who adopts our vision by being encouraged by the values of our corporate culture and works with a sense of belonging and devotion under all circumstances and thank them for their successful and self-sacrificing works.