Our Domestic and National Vaccine Turkovac Produces 8 Times More Antibodies

According to the data obtained by the Turkovac study group at Ankara City Hospital on 7 thousand people, Turkovac is effective against both Delta and Omicron variants. When considered both as a reminder dose and a normal vaccine, Turkovac produces 8 times more antibodies than the Chinese vaccine, which is the other inactivated vaccine in the experimental group. No side effects were detected in the Turkovac vaccine.


It is pleasing that the antibody response of the Turkovac vaccine is 5-8 times higher than the Chinese vaccine, which is also inactivated. At the moment, studies have started for Omicron as well. After getting vaccined with Turcovac, none of our volunteers infected with the Omicron variant became severely ill. They had Covid in the form of a mild runny nose, mild weakness. Almost no one was hospitalized. This shows us that our domestic vaccine is also effective against Omicron. We think it is an effective and protective vaccine.