The patient, who had a hole in his heart and clogged heart vessels, regained his health with a single closed surgery

56-year-old Ahmet Karagöz, who learned that his heart vessels were clogged and his heart has congenital hole, in the hospital he went to with chest pain complaints, regained his health in 3 days with a closed surgery performed on a single incision area.

With the closed surgery performed in our Ankara City Hospital, the hole in Ahmet Karagöz's heart, which he was unaware of until this age, was closed and the obstruction in his heart vessels was opened with the bypass.

Our Ankara City Hospital Cardiovascular Surgeon Prof. Dr. Erdal Şimşek said that open heart surgeries are performed by cutting the sternum, which delays the healing process.


Stating that it takes about two months for this bone to heal after open surgery, Şimşek said, "In this process, the patient cannot turn to the right and left, he has to lie on his back. The patient starts to slowly turn left and right only after the bone heals.


In open heart surgeries, there may be problems with union of the bone or the risk of infection."


Prof. Dr. Erdal Şimşek explained that with the development of medicine, they started to perform heart surgeries with the closed method and said, "We can perform our surgeries with a small incision between the two ribs with the closed method. While a 20-centimeter incision is required in open surgeries, a 7-8-centimeter incision is sufficient in the closed method. We used to bypass patients with closed surgery. In this patient, as far as I know, for the first time in Turkey, we were able to remove the hole in the heart of the patient and the blockage in his veins at the same time, with a closed surgery performed from a single incision area."


“We implement ERAS protocols”


Ankara City Hospital Cardiovascular Surgeon and Rapid Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) Turkey Association Board Member Prof. Dr. Serdar Günaydın drew attention to the fact that new applications have been made in recent years to ensure that patients recover as soon as possible after surgical intervention.