Handcrafted Clothing Materials Prepared by Our Trainees in Our Sewing Workshops Were Gifted to Our Child Patients.

In our Sewing Workshops and Çankaya Public Education Center Workshops, which we opened with the support of Çankaya Public Education Center for morale and motivation support for our employees in our hospital, handicraft clothing materials and toys were produced voluntarily by sewing teachers, trainees and trainees working in our hospital for our pediatric patients who are being treated in our hospital.


The toys and clothing materials produced were presented to our children, who continue their treatment in the Pediatric Oncology Clinic of our Children's Hospital, with encouraging notes. Our Coordinator Assistant Chief Physician Specialist Dr. Filiz Denizli Ergen gave the children gift packages consisting of pillows, amigurumi toys and key chains in many colors and patterns. While gifts were given to the children, our trainees and administrators from the hospital, Çankaya Public Education Center administrators Deputy Director Şakir Demirkol, Deputy Director Gamze Erdoğan, Sewing Teachers Melda Damar and Nahide Tekçe, as well as our doctors and nurses working in the clinic accompanied them.


Then, a certificate of appreciation was presented to the sewing teachers and trainees who contributed, on behalf of the Ankara City Hospital Family.