Robotic rehabilitation raises hopes

Robotic rehabilitation applied in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital of our Ankara City Hospital provides significant success in the treatment of stroke, brain injury, spinal cord paralysis, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's patients.


Yurdanur Ersan, 85, is undergoing robotic rehabilitation, who fell in the bathroom about three months ago as a result of her foot slipping, breaking her hipbone and causing damage to her neck.


Expressing that her paralysis in her left hand and foot as a result of the trauma she suffered began to improve with treatment, Ersan said that she could now take a step and stand with support.

Ersan, whose eyes filled with tears while telling that she embraced the hospital as her home, said that she wanted to recover and be discharged.


One of the hospital’s doctors Prof. Dr. Pınar Borman stated that Ersan had to lie on a stretcher when she came to the hospital and that she could take a step in the parallel bar after about 5-6 weeks of treatment, an said "I hope he will leave our hospital on foot in a very short time."


Stating that our Ankara City Hospital Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Turkey in its field, Borman said that they serve patients under one roof with their advanced technological rehabilitation facilities.