Our Ankara City Hospital Received the "Mother-Friendly Hospital" Award


Our Ankara City Hospital was deemed worthy of the "Mother-Friendly Hospital" award in the evaluation made by the Ministry of Health.


Deputy Minister of Health Sabahattin Aydın, in his speech at the award presentation program held at our hospital, congratulated  Dr. Aziz Ahmet Surel, Coordinator Chief Physician Academic Member of Ankara City Hospital, who successfully completed their studies during the Covid-19 epidemic and was awarded the title of "Mother-Friendly Hospital”.


Pointing out that the quality of the delivery rooms of the hospitals has been increased over the years, Aydın expressed that he is sure that the best conditions will be provided for the mothers in the city hospital as well.


Within the scope of the program, it is aimed to ensure that the birth takes place normally with minimal intervention in single rooms under ideal conditions in order to increase the quality of maternal health and maternity services.


Our Ankara City Hospital, which received 100 full points in the evaluation made by the Ministry, became the 4th "Mother-Friendly Hospital" in Ankara and the 78th "Mother-Friendly Hospital" in Turkey.

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