She lost 41 kilos thanks to our Obesity Center

Our Obesity Center, which operates within our Ankara City Hospital, serves patients with the slogan "We do not take life heavyly, we get lighter together".

Those who apply to our center are taken to the appropriate treatment program after consultations with psychologists, physiotherapists and dietitians. Ayşe Öçal, 29, who lost 41 kilograms by decreasing from 98 kilograms to 57 kilograms in our center, explained that she has struggled with weight problems since her childhood and that she also has Type-2 Diabetes. Pointing out that obesity also causes many health problems such as shortness of breath and difficulty in movement, Öçal said, "I always heard the words 'Your face is beautiful, but you should lose some weight' around me. Weight was an obsession for me and the more I got stuck with it, the more I gained. Obesity was killing me. I had no knowledge of healthy eating. Before I learned to eat healthy, I was 100 kilos, now I lost 32."

Emphasizing that she is feeling very well now and that she is determined to pay attention to her lifelong weight for her health, Öçal advised those who want to lose weight to love themselves before considering the social pressure and then move on to their goals without giving up.