Pediatric Home Healthcare Unit


How can I apply to Homehealthcare Services?

Application by patients, patient relatives and other individuals or institutions can be made via; 

- 444 38 33 call center

- 'Home Healthcare Service Application Form

- Community Healthcare Centers and Family Medicine Units to Provincial Coordination Center

Who can benefit?

- Neurological patients who are not able to go out of the house (i.e. spastic patients)

- Oxygen device or ventilator-dependent patients

- Patients with a limited range of motion during their treatment in the hospital or after being discharged after surgery

- Patients having an accident, needing short term nurse care

Homehealthcare Service Work System

- During working hours and based on appointment

- Emergency cases are not within the scope of home healthcare.

- 112 Emergency Ambulance Services of that province is supposed to be called in emergency cases.