Pediatric Burn Treatment Center

Diagnosis and Treatment in The Center

Scalding by boiling liquid, flame, electricity, touching hot objects, wound care of all types of burn injury from second degree superficial burns due to chemical substances and other reasons to full thickness burns, pressure ulcers and trauma injuries are treated in our center. In addition, inhalation injuries after thermal burns, compartment syndromes after burn are also treated in our center.

Featured Services

Wound care, grafting, reverse flap, negative pressure wound therapy (Vacuum-Assisted Wound Closure Therapy) and amputation after electric and thermal burns are carried out by wound care products which are internationally proven in terms of reliability and efficiency and applied in burn treatment in our center.

Moreover, emergency escharotomy and/or fasciotomy are carried out 7/24 in compartment syndromes due to burn or any other trauma. Other than urgent interventions, reconstructive surgeries are performed for sequelas such as joint contractures and hypertrophic scars occured in burned patients. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation are performed under the supervision of physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists and in company with physiotherapists for inpatients to prevent sequela.

Units of the Center

There are 12 Step 3 Intensive Care Beds, one operating theatre, medical dressing room, hydrotherapy room, physiotherapy room in our center. Additionally, there are four ward beds for mild cases to be hospitalized when required in the pediatric surgery clinics located on the fourth floor. There is one pediatric burn polyclinic for follow-up and treatment of burned pediatric patients who apply as outpatient in the entrance of Burn Center.

How can I undergo examination?

Pediatric Burn Polyclinic is located on the first floor C Block in Children's Hospital under Ankara City Hospital. It offers service everyday between 13:30 and 15:30 excluding Wednesdays. The polyclinic service is provided between 09:00 and 12:00 on wednesdays. Medical dressing is applied and surgeries are performed for inpatients at other times. Patients must apply to Emergency Polyclinic first in case of emergency. The doctor on duty in The Emergency informs the burn team for examination.

If your child is recently burned, you can give your child one painkiller such as Calpol/Dolven if you have after removing his/her clothes and jewelry if having any from the burnt area and washing under the tap water for 20 minutes and dressing the wound with a clean gauze. Later, please apply to pediatric burn polyclinic immediately. If the accident happens out of polyclinic hours, you should apply to pediatric emergency service of our hospital. If wound care and medical dressing are already applied in another center before, you should apply during polyclinic hours. You don't have to make appointment to come to Pediatric Burn Polyclinic. When you come to Children's Hospital, you need to be registered by the service secretary located on the first floor in the center area, then when you polyclinic number comes up, the executive physician of the burn center and charge nurse assess your wound and treat with the proper wound care products. Later, you are called for check-up based on the status of the wound and the applied wound care products. Your treatment and follow-up continue in this way until your treatment process is completed. Your patient is hospitalized in the center to maintain treatment if your physician requests, considering the status of the wound.