Pediatric Diabetes Technology Center

Training, utilization and follow-up of Insulin Pump Systems with set or without (tubeless) are provided in Pediatric Diabetes Technology Center offering service within the structure of Ankara City Hospital to sustain the treatment follow-ups of children diagnosed with diabetes in the light of the medical practices at the cutting-edge of technology across the world. Our experienced and expert staff offer training in the usage of glucose sensors monitoring even during your sleep which children with diabetes are able to handle with ease in swimming pools, in the sea or in the shower without pricking their fingers anymore and provide support for treatment follow-ups in our center. All the technologic developments concerning diabetes are pursued in our center to support the high-level sustainability of the comfort of our children in their lives along with a process being compatible with treatment and managing blood sugar in diabetes easily.





Pediatric Diabetes Technology Center



Referral and appointment procedures are followed in Pediatric Endocrinology Polyclinic.


Location: Ankara City Hospital Children's Hospital B1 Floor Block E2