Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL) Polyclinic

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss is defined as three or more pregnancies with abortive outcome before 20 weeks of pregnancy. One miscarriage may be seen in %10-20 of women, but three or more miscarriages following one after another is %1-2. There can be only one factor to cause recurrent pregnancy loss as there can be more than one factors causing this condition at the simultaneously. %30-40 of recurrent pregnancy loss cases, no reason is detected.  

Belirlenebilen başlıca sebepler arasında; Some of the main reasons identified are; 

• Blood clotting-related reasons

• Hormonal reasons 

• Systemic and infectious diseases in mother 

• Immune system-related reasons

• Structural defects of mother's uterus 

• Genetic reasons

Tests are performed fastly and in detail to investigate all of these reasons and evaluated by our experienced doctors in their field in Ankara City Hospital. Treatment is reason-oriented. Support from other branches is requested when necessary to offer our patients every type of medical or surgical treatment plans.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Polyclinic is located on the ground floor, B Block. You can directly visit our polyclinic or schedule an appointment via MHRS (Centralized Hospital Appointment System)