Pregnancy Training Center

Pregnancy Training Center

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Pregnancy Training Center started service in 8 October 2019 within the structure of Ankara City Hospital Maternity Hospital with the staff of obstetrician, midwife / nurse, anesthesiologist, newborn care specialist, physiotherapist, psychologist, dietician and social service specialist.


Our Pregnancy Training Center offers training services in two (2) training rooms in The Maternity Hospital on the ground floor by a multidisciplinary staff. We offer information support for pregnant women and their families in our Pregnancy Training Center with the aim of providing a healthy and conscious prepregnancy, pregnancy and childbirth process.


We make use of both verbal and visual training tools in our trainings, helping expectant mothers by our hands-on trainings. Moreover, our expectant-mother-oriented training has been being continued and maintained via zoom as distance learning program and hybrid training since May 2020 due to the pandemic. Pregnant women can possess all the knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth without coming to our hospital through distance learning by our expert trainers with the help of this practice.



Raising expectant mother awareness of today's medicine and knowledge, protecting maternal & newborn health, making contribution to raising healthy generations.



Development of the reproductive organs

Nutrition during pregnancy and postpartum period

Common health problems during pregnancy

Physiological Alterations

Non-pharmacological techniques

Breathing techniques during delivery

Anesthesia techniques

Childbirth method and techniques

Puerperant and baby care

Newborn care / Problems



Our trainings are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during weekdays at 10:00 in the morning and 14:00 in the afternoon as the program lasts for four (4) weeks.


In addition, we have a paired (mother-father) group training at the weekends. Information and consultation service are provided in our Pregnancy Follow-up Polyclinic all day. It has been suspended due to the pandemic. Moreover, personal video visual training is offered inside our NST Unit. A Certificate Ceremony is held for expectant mothers after the four-week training, their certificates are awarded, wristband is given as a gift and a hospital tour is organized for presentation. Online certificates are offered due to the pandemic as the service is maintained. Consultation and training services are continued during all pregnancy and postpartum period. In the light of a principle of journey of wisdom; childbirth, we try to provide a safe motherhood journey for expectant mothers by an amazing four-week training program. Every expectant mother can apply to our Pregnancy Training Center as they wish regardless of gestational age. One (1) secretary offers service at Pregnancy Training Center admission desk.