Robotic Rehabilitation



Treatment robotics used in rehabilitation clinics are divided into two main groups;

1-Robotic rehabilitation system for hand and arm

2-Robotic rehabilitation system for gait training

Being able to walk again is very important for rehabilitation patients and is one of the main goals of rehabilitation programs." 

C-Mill rehabilitation systems, which are partial weight supported walking systems with highly developed feedback systems, are also available in our hospital. C-Mill rehabilitation system is used for both balance analysis and balance and gait training in patients with gait or balance deficits.

Robotic Rehabilitation 3.png

An anti-gravity walking system (Alter-G), which provides walking training in our hospital in a non-gravity environment, is also part of our concept of excellence.

The Andago walking system is used in our hospital especially with patients who have spinal cord injury and pediatric brain injury. With dynamic a body weight support and versatile movement feature, it improves functional walking and balance and improves compliance with daily life. It provides a secure, mobile, and versatile gait and balance training on the road to an independent life.

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