Home Healthcare Services



- What is Home Healthcare?

We provide examination, treatment, medical care and rehabilitation of individuals with various diseases and needing domestic healthcare in family environment and we offer healthcare, nursing service and follow-up including social and psychological support as a whole to those individuals and their family members in order to meet their medical needs.

- Home Healthcare Service includes: 

* Patients who are bedridden, being unable to perform their own self-care due to their old age,

* Patients with disabilities who cannot visit hospitals due to their disability,

* Patients who are diagnosed with terminal cancer and need palliative care,

* Patients with progressive muscle disease,

* Patients who have an accident or undergo surgical procedures (short-term home healthcare), 

* Patients with neurological diseases (ALS, Dementia, Alzheimer, etc.)

- What are the duties of Home Healthcare?

* Examination and consultation services

* Management of examination and treatment procedures based on examination results

* Wound dressing

* Providing medical health practices (catheter etc.) at home

* Transfer of patients to appropriate units, when necessary

* Nursing services, 

* Laboratory services,

* Preparation of medication and diaper reports including update of  existing ones

* Supplying medical devices and equipment for patients

* Oral and dental health services needed by patients,

* Rehabilitation, training and support services, 

* Supplying nutrition and preparation of nutrition reports,

* Psychotherapy, physiotherapy practices

* In case of emergency, referral of patients to emergency services of the hospitals urgently.

- How can patients or patient relatives contact our Home HealthCare Unit?

* Home healthcare services is a unit which works based on appointment system during the working hours. The location of service provided is limited to the nearby districts of the province where the health institution or facility is located.

* Our Home Healthcare team is responsible for the following locations as of: Üniversiteler Mah., Bilkent Mah., Mutlukent Mah., 100. yıl işçi blokları mah., Çiğdem Mah., Çukurambar Mah., Cevizlidere Mah. Mustafa Kemal Mah., Oğuz Mah., Kızılırmak Mah., Söğütözü Mah., Ehlibeyt Mah., Nasuh Akar Mah., Balgat Mah., Beysukent Mah., Mimar Sinan Mah., Bademlidere Mah., Eti Mah., Dilekler Mah., Cumhuriyet Mah., Namık Kemal Mah. 

* Patients and their relatives can call 444 38 33 Home Healthcare Services Coordination Center to make a request for help. The Coordination Center records the patient's information (identity, address, telephone, disease, diagnosis etc.) and arranges the patient's referral to the hospital via computer. Patients who are referred and appeared in the system of the related hospital are informed by a call within 24 hours at the latest and an appointment is scheduled up to 15 days. The patient or his/her relatives are re-informed one day before as a reminder for that appointment and visited by the team in the following day. 

* Inpatients staying in the wards who need home healthcare service are asked to call 444 38 33 to benefit from home healthcare services after they are discharged.

* The family physician of a patient determines domestic health needs and then informs The Coordination Center.

Our Home Healthcare Services Team consists of 3 physicians including 1 physician in charge, 1 psychologist, 3 nurses, 1 health officer, 1 D.P.C.O (Data Preparation and Control Operator), 1 secretary and 1 driver.

Ankara City Hospital Home HealthCare Unit is located in MH6 Oncology Hospital, on the B2 floor.

Home Health Services Contact Number: 0 312 552 60 00 Extension Number: 622609/622695