Another First from Ankara City Hospital: Chronic Portal Vein Thrombosis Due to Covid-19 was Treated with a Method Applied for the First Time in Turkey

For the first time in Turkey, an Iraqi patient with chronic portal vein thrombosis due to Covid-19, which is said to have no cure in the countries he went to, was cured in Ankara City Hospital, thanks to a method applied in a limited number of centers in the world.

The patient, who had a clot due to Covid-19 in the portal venous system that connects the liver, spleen and intestines, had been looking for a cure for her disease for a long time. The patient, who received the answer "There is no cure for this disease" from the countries she visited (India, Iran, Lebanon), regained her health with the method applied by Interventional Radiology Specialist Assos. Dr. Murat Canyiğit and General Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Serdar Gökay Terzioğlu at Ankara City Hospital.

In the patient with multiple venous occlusions, only the intestinal terminal branches were open. The intestine was removed surgically. This open end vein was entered under the guidance of ultrasound, and first the occluded intestinal vein and then the occluded liver portal vein were opened. Then, the hepatic venous system, which is the secondary vein of the liver, was entered through the neck vein. A bridge was created between both veins with a long needle. The treatment was performed by placing a TIPSS stent inside this bridge.