Azerbaijani Hospital Managers Visited Our Bilkent City Hospital


Azerbaijani Hospital Managers Visited Our Bilkent City Hospital

"Hospital Management Training for Hospital Managers in Azerbaijan", hosted by Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences, was held with the participation of Aziz Ahmet Surel, Coordinator Chief Physician and Faculty Member.

Aziz Ahmet Surel, Coordinator Chief Physician, made a detailed presentation to the Hospital Managers with his "City Hospitals Management" Presentation.

Afterwards, Azerbaijan Health Administrators visited our Bilkent City Hospital, Europe's Largest Hospital, together with Professor İsmail Ağırbaş from the Department of Health Management, Faculty of Health Sciences, Ankara University, as part of the training.

A detailed presentation was given to the delegation by Associate Professor Burak Civelek in the Conference Hall, and information was given about the treatments and plans made since the opening of our hospital. After the presentation, to convey his gratitude, the Director of Azerbaijan Absheron Rayon Central Hospital, Specialist Doctor Azer Ismayilov, presented our Coordinator Chief Physician with a gift symbolizing the friendship between the two countries.

Our guests, who visited the emergency service areas, clinics and intensive care units of our hospital as 4 groups, were given detailed information about the departments where health services are provided, the health services carried out and the operation of the hospital. We would like to thank the fraternal country Azerbaijan Administrators and Ankara University Faculty of Health Sciences Administrators for their kind gifts and visits.

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