Brain Pacemaker Procedure
06 Eylül 2022

Deep Brain Stimulation (Brain Pacemaker Procedure)

When Parkinson's Disease progresses, oral administration of drugs is possibly poor, requiring higher medication doses or more frequently intake which may cause increase in the side effects. If the time periods when the patient is slow are more than 4-5 hours and if involuntary movements impair the quality of life despite drug regulation in every way possible, we follow our patients in Advanced Stage Parkinson's Disease Polyclinic. These patients are candidates for device-assisted treatments. Deep brain stimulation (brain pacemaker) is performed on patients suitable for surgical procedures with brain surgeons. Levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel (duodopa) is applied to patients who are not suitable for surgical procedures by means of using an apomorphine pump or PEG-J. In our Advanced Stage Parkinson's Disease polyclinic, brain pacemaker settings can be adjusted and routine follow-up of patients having a history of apomorphine or duodopa pump applied are carried out.