Infertility is a failure of pregnancy despite the couples have unprotected sexual intercourse regularly for one year depending on female (%30), male (%30) and both genders (%40) Infertility Polyclinic investigates female factors. We have a Polyclinic for investigation of male factors as well. Our patients can be diagnosed, investigated and treated with their spouses. Infertile couples are asked to come together for evaluation. Everyone can visit Infertility Polyclinic for examination or consultation, but some tests must be performed during only some periods of menstruation. The applicants must be married minimum for one year.
Diseases Diagnosed and Treated

Ovulation induction, Intrauterine Insemination (inserting sperm into the uterus) are performed. If the doctor decides that you have a correctable complication such as endometrial polip, uterine septum, tube obstruction, myoma uteri, intrauterine synechiae, ovarian cyst based on tests performed on an outpatient, surgery is adviced. Endometriosis Disease affecting women in reproductive age is medically or surgically treated. Congenital, genital mullerian anomalies (vaginal agenesia, absent vagina) are treated by our experienced team of doctors with plastic surgeons in necessary cases.   

Which diseases does our clinic treat? 

Female patients over 23-years-old and married couples can visit our polyclinic. 

Featured Procedures

All tests (specificially hormone level) which can be required and analysed can be performed in our hospital labs. Hormone profile is adviced to be performed in the second or day of menstruation. Ultrasonography is performed based on patient complaints and examination by the doctor. Transvaginal or transabdominal US is performed to get information about medical status of female internal organs. Hysterosalpingography (Xray of uterus) is performed usually when menstruation is over. It is performed by injecting opaque agents into uterus to visualize pelvic area.

Spermiogram (semen analysis): It is required by doctor in Urology Polyclinic after examination, if necessary. Sexual abstinence is asked for 3-5 days for this test. Sexual abstinence shorter than 3 days or longer than 5 days may affect the test result. 

Diagnostic Hysteroscopy: It is a procedure performed by a device with a lighted camera called hysteroscope to make examination through uterus. 

How can I get examined?

You can visit our polyclinic is located on the ground floor, B wing in Maternity Hospital (MH5) or make an appointment via MHRS (Centralized Hospital Appointment System) by calling 182 or over the internet.