Delivery Room-Antenatal (Normal Pregnancy Inpatient Care)


Our Pregnancy Follow-up Polyclinic provides service in 10 polyclinic rooms each of which has bathroom and ultranasonography machine inside on weekdays between 08:00 and 16:00 for pregnant women with no comorbidities or any pregnancy risk.

In our Pregnancy Follow-up Polyclinic, 2 department chiefs 8 specialists, 10 assistant doctors and 12 nurses work and our total patient number is 10.000 per month, so Centralized Hospital Appointment System (MHRS) is important for this polyclinic. Everyday, 1 specialist physician works between 18:00 and 22:00 in our 'night shift' polyclinic via MHRS. In case of emergency, Emergency Service is 7/24 available.

Patients with high risk pregnancies are followed up in Perinatology polyclinic where 3 minor specialists, 3 department chiefs and 5 nurses work. In our polyclinic, pregnancy follow-up, examination and ultrasonography service, post-op/post-partum patient monitoring, follow-up and controls are carried out and every single procedure is recorded in the automation system. Different doctors follow the history of previous controls via the automation system for standardization of pregnancy follow-up. Prenatal and postnatal reports are prepared. We don't use any paper for prescription, report or lab printout in our clinic thanks to the full automation system.

• Pregnancy Room Number 4 follows 0-14 weeks pregnancies and performs double test.

• Pregnancy Follow-up Room Number 5 and 6 manage post-op and post-partum follow-up and 36 weeks (and older) pregnancy follow-up

Fetal heart rate is recorded with 30 devices in our NST Unit located on the ground floor and B1 floor.

A detailed ultrasonographic evaluation is made by 5 experienced radiologists in their field in week 20.


Each delivery room (57 in total) is single, having toilet, bath, television and a convertible sofa for companions in our hospital as labor-delivery-postpartum rooms and it is designed to be labor, delivery, recovery, postpartum units that is minimum 23 m2. Three of our LDP rooms has the capability of water birth. Arrangements are already made for stabilization and resuscitation procedures for babies in all the rooms.

All the procedures in our LDP Service are carried out under the supervision of 2 department chiefs, 5 specialists and 20 assistants. We have provided employment based on 'one midwife for each pregnant' policy for our LDP rooms.

Labor, delivery and postpartum follow-up of a pregnant is carried out minimum for two hours in the single LDP rooms. Additionally, companion is accepted for suitable patients. In those rooms, expectant mothers can stay with their companions as they are respected including confidentiality in an environment similar with home. They can watch tv, do exercises with a pilates ball, take a shower or fulfill their religious duties. We provide soup, stewed fruit, yogurt and pudding as their diet during labour pain. We don't leave them thirsty and hungry. Breathing exercises, massage, walking in vertical position, hydrotherapy, dance with music are applied to relieve labor pain. Epidural anesthesia is performed on selected patients for painless childbirth.

Our hospital is a mother-friendly and baby-friendly hospital. Disimpaction, labor induction, episiotomy (incision of the perineum during labor) and caesarean are not applied without medical necessity.

In our clinic, total delivery number per month is approximately 800 and the statistics of primary caesarean in our clinic for five months is much lower than average Turkey statistics as it is %17. Delayed umbilical cord clamping is performed in our hospital and when a baby is born, it is placed in mother's arms immediately for early skin-to-skin contact. The first lactation education is provided during this golden hour for mother-baby bond.


Water Birth is a delivery method that is practiced in a tube specially designed and filled with warm water. This method eases the adaptation of a baby after being delivered from mother's womb that is an environment in which  the fetus lives for 9 months while relaxing the mother via hydrotherapy in 37⸰C warm water. Patients selected for water birth can give birth in the delivery room located on the second floor, B wing. There are 3 LDP rooms with hot tubes for water birth.  

Not recommended for: high-risk pregnancies including mother and baby during pregnancy follow-up, postterm pregnancies, multiple pregnancies