Meltem DALYAN, MD, Prof.
06 Eylül 2022

Meltem Dalyan.png

NameSurname : Meltem Dalyan

Degree : Medical Doctor, Professor


Phone : +903125526000

Division : Brain Injury Clinic

Language : English

Specific Areas of Interests : Lymphedema, Oncologic Rehabilitation, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Complete Decongestive Treatment, Neurological Rehabilitation, Stroke Rehabilitation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Pain, Integrative Medicine

Dr.Meltem Dalyan graduated from Ankara University Medical School and completed Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation residency at this University. She aworked as a physiatrist and as an associated professor at Ankara Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Training and Research Hospital. She achieved algologist title in 2013 and, currently, works as a professor at the Turkish Ministry of Health, Health Sciences University Ankara City Hospital, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital.

Dr. Meltem Dalyan has publications and more than 1000 citations, has given presentations and educational courses in the field of general Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation, Pain Medicine, Lymphology, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Oncologic Rehabilitation. She is the co-founder of Anatolian Lymphedema Association, and at the administrative board since then. She took a pioneer role to improve the field of lymphedema and breast cancer rehabilitation in Turkey both in practice and academ. In this field, she has publications, presentations, coordinated and given educational courses and gathered patient support groups and supervised academic thesis.