Smoking Cessation Polyclinic

Smoking Cessation Unit

Smoking which is known as the biggest plague of our age is one of the most important health problems in our country and in the world. Every second person who is a smoker dies due to a health problem caused by smoking. We lose 110 thousand people on account of an illness of smoking per year in our country. Cigarette is not only harmful for the smoker, but also people around him/her. Using cigarette and other tobacco products is an addiction and addiction is a disease. It is patients' right to seek professional help about it like any other disease. Nicotine which is one of the five thousand noxious substances a cigarette contains, is a potentially very highly addictive substance. %80 percent of the smokers want to quit smoking. The Success rate of the people who try to quit smoking by themselves is very low. Therefore, seeking professional help during the period of smoking cessation is a very good idea to maximize the change of success to ease the smoking cessation period and to minimize the smoking relapses. Ankara City Hospital Numune Smoking Cessation Polyclinic is a unit that provides service to patients who want to quit smoking and concerns about all kinds of health problems patients have physically as well as psychologically during the process.

Diagnosis and Treatment: Tobacco and the use of other tobacco products

What kind of diseases does our polyclinic treat? Our polyclinic treats tobacco addiction.

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Our Smoking Cessation Polyclinic is also the 
distribution center of The Ministry of Health smoking cessation medications. In our polyclinic, not only we provide pharmacotherapy, but also behavioural therapies via patient interviews.

The Subdivisions of the Unit:

Smoking Cessation Polyclinic 1 - Smoking Cessation Polyclinic 2

How can I visit the polyclinic and get examined?

You can take an appointment by phone or dialing 171


When a patient who already takes an appointment by phone arrives, he/she is invited to an interview after filling some documents. The interviews take approximately 30-60 minutes. Patients are then followed for one year as more frequently in the first three months.

Address and Extension Number: Ankara City Hospital MH6 (Oncology Building) -2th Floor 

Contact: +903125526000 Extension: 622515